Winning a Rental Application

Depending on location and your location, the rental market in Australia can be quite brutal to the average tenant.


If you consider that some rental inspections can attract upwards of 50 people, you can’t afford to be carless with any aspect of your application. Property managers are likely to shortlist those applicants who have their bond, first month’s rent and a list of perfect references.


We’ve compiled seven things to consider to get your rental application to the top of the pile


  1. Have all the correct documentation

Our applications detail a list of documents that you need to submit when applying for a property. However, if you plan to apply on the spot it’s important that you come prepared with references, pay slips, proof of employment and photo ID.


Make sure you have copies of these documents ready to attach to your completed application to hand to the property manager following the inspection.


  1. Save Time, Apply Online

If you head to the Varo website and click on the ‘Apply For This Property’ button on any property in our renting section you will be redirected to a simple online application form.


  1. Organise your Housemates

Although your housemates don’t have to attend the property inspection (even though this is preferable) it is important to have their full and completed application with documentation. If you have a completed set of applications for all members of the household then it has more of a chance of being processed by the property manager.


Otherwise we recommend that you apply online straight after the inspection that way you can be assured that your application wont get lost or misplaced. It’s important to submit all required documents, as we generally won’t chase people up for missing information.


  1. Be on Time

This may seem like common courtesy but property managers will remember who was ready and waiting when they arrive. This may become a point of difference when it comes to pick a tenant.


  1. Make your Application as Straightforward as Possible

It’s important to only submit the necessary documents. It’s fine to attach any other information that you feel may support your application, but consider these very carefully.


  1. Be Presentable

It’s important to look presentable at the rental inspection. It demonstrates that you’re taking the application process seriously and for property managers is a reflection of how you will treat your property.


  1. Follow up

Once you’ve submitted your application, give the property managers at least 48 hours to process it. If you haven’t heard from them after this time, do send a follow up.


Let them know that you’re still interested in the property and ask if they require any further references or information.

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Winning a Rental Application