A Seller’s Guide to Open Home Etiquette

Preparing your home for open inspections goes hand in hand with trying to sell it. This is your prime opportunity to showcase the best aspects of your property, create some ‘buzz’ and attract potential buyers. It’s these ‘guests’ that you want to impress, so here are our tips to help you be the perfect open home host.


We recommend depersonalising each and every room. This mean de-cluttering and clearing spaces so that people can easily envision themselves (and their things) in your property.


Your home should also be so spotless that any ‘clean freak’ would gladly move themselves in. This particularly applies to the entrance because, as they say, first impressions always count.


Take a walk around the exterior of your property. Pay close attention to any repair jobs or repainting that needs to be done. It’s much easier to address these issues before the open than having to explain to potential buyers that they’re on your to-do list.


At VARO, we suggest that you don’t stay in the property during the open. We find that buyers feel uncomfortable and self-conscious knowing that the owner is present. They also won’t share honest feedback with us, and if it does happen to be negative, trust us, you don’t want to be there to hear it.


However, if you do decide to stay make sure to present yourself nicely. How you present yourself is a reflection of your housekeeping and taste. Also think about making yourself inconspicuous and resist the urge to follow buyers as they inspect your home!


Double-check the bathroom before you leave. Close the toilet seat lid and replace your roll of toilet paper with a fresh one. Trust us, people will notice these minor details.


Make sure you open all the shades and curtains, and allow natural light to flood into the property. If you find that your home is still dark, experiment with a few different lighting options and use the best one.


Whether you like it or not, we can guarantee that atleast one potential buyer is going to scrutinise your bathroom, sit on your furniture an open up your closet to check the size. Make sure to clean and tidy these spaces, and amplify the appearance of storage space.


Even if you have the cutest and amazingly trained furry friend, pets are still seen as a big no-no to buyers. We recommend that you don’t openly advertise that you own a pet by keeping cages, pet dishes spotless and eliminating any odours.


Skip the cheap air-fresheners. No scent is the best scent!

At this point, VARO will take care of the rest! We will host the event, ensure that potential buyers can find your home, and provide as much tangible information on the property as possible.

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A Seller’s Guide to Open Home Etiquette