6 Helpful Hacks to Mastering your Home Organisation

It’s like what they say; “Good organisation is completely invisible to the bystander, but mess, that’ll stare everyone straight in the face.”

If things have a proper place or ‘home’ then they’re likely to be put away, easily found again and when needed will continue to be in a good condition.

Here are VARO’s top tips to help you master the art of organisation in your home:

1) Declutter – The biggest and best way to begin to organise your home is to remove items out of it! Be honest with yourself and ask if you really need those 5 dictionaries, 5 staplers and 5 calculators? No? Then bin them! Clutter will ultimately slow you down. Once you have thrown out as much as you can, organise your belonging into clear and concise categories.

2) Give Everything a ‘Home’ – Firstly begin by storing items where they will be used and then on the frequency that you use them. Items you may only use once or twice a year such as camping gear could be stored in a shed, garage or storeroom. It’s also important to group similar items together and store them accordingly. Think kitchen knives with the chopping boards, sticky tape with scissors and wrapping paper or pens with notebooks.

3) Review that Paperwork, DAILY! – Avoid those mountains of paperwork by immediately sorting it our as it comes in. From bills to receipts, quotes and school newsletters assign different categories to a folder or a draw and file each document accordingly. Handy hint: Do the same with magazines, remove the pages you want and recycle the rest!

4) Keep it in It’s Place! – Make sure that items stay in the room they belong. Think, toys should stay in kid’s bedrooms or activity room and documents should stay in the study.

5) Storage Solutions – Find clever options to keep each room organised making it easier to find things when needed as well as keeping them safe and protected. Invest in things like flatpack boxes, storage containers and DIY shelving options.

6) Inspiration – We recommend heading down to your local IKEA, Howards Storage or Kmart for storage ideas. But beware, purchasing ‘storage solutions’ aren’t a substitute for decluttering and being organised.

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6 Helpful Hacks to Mastering your Home Organisation