VARO Property Management; Sit Back, Relax & Let Your Investment Grow!

At VARO we pride ourselves on the service we provide to clients as their Property Managers, below are 5 tasks that we take care for you so that you can sit back, relax and watch your investment grow.

1. Open For Inspections – As your property managers we will arrange, advertise and supervise all open inspections (including private appointments!)

2. Organising Repairs – As experienced property managers we have a good general knowledge to all things related to property maintenance and can often solve the problem before needing to call a tradie (potentially saving you hundreds of dollars). Our contracts also include a clause for urgent repairs that we can authorise without needing to bother you meaning that you wont be dealing with a burst pipe at 2am while the rest of your family is sound asleep!

3. Routine Inspections – We conducted quarterly inspections to ensure tenants are taking care of your property and follow up any maintenance issues that may have occurred, keeping repair cost to a minimum before they become difficult and expensive to rectify.

4. Develop a Good Rapport with your Tenants – We find that developing a positive relationship with your tenants can help in a variety of situations including re-letting, maintenance and any disputes.

5. Knowing when to Increase the Rent (and by How Much) – As experts in the local rental market, we know what other similar properties are being priced at and by able to guide you on how much to increase the rent by. We also have experience keeping both tenants and landlords satisfied when it comes to rent increases, therefore preventing any costly vacancies.

There are of course many more tasks that we carry out than those listed above….
– We screen all potential tenants
– Carry out all reference checks
– Pay bills on your behalf
– We can even represent you in a mediation
– And more…

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VARO Property Management; Sit Back, Relax & Let Your Investment Grow!