Investing in South Australian Property with VARO

Currently in South Australia entering the real estate market has never been easier. Investing in property can be both an affordable and very lucrative way for the average individual to build their wealth and secure a steady stream of income for their future. With some simple tips, you too can begin your property investment journey.

By working with an established property investment company such as VARO, you can build an investment portfolio in South Australia and beyond. By balancing out a range of properties that will generate rental income and appreciate in value over time, you can amass a network of assets that will continue to create you wealth for years (if not decades) to come.

The first step in building your investment portfolio is finding the best property for your price range and requirements. In South Australia, we recommend investors look at suburbs in Adelaide or areas that are currently undergoing steady development. This ensures there is a demand for housing, making it easier to find tenants and you’ll see more capital growth as it brings up the suburbs value over time.

We are a company who prides itself on the due diligence we undertake on each of our projects and are constantly researching suburbs, new infrastructure and developments to ensure your investment has the greatest opportunity for growth. We are also connected with complementing industries such as financial planners, brokers and migration agents who can assist you throughout the investment process. With a highly skilled and experienced Property Management service we are able to help and support you to maintain your investment property.

For further information please contact Loretta Cavallaro ( or 0423 642 215), Michael Cavallaro ( or 0403 527 317), or Clinton Gu ( or 0456 190 085).

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Investing in South Australian Property with VARO