What Property Improvements will Increase Your Rental Income

When it comes to marketing a rental property, it is important to be attracting good quality tenants and in order to do this you need to know how tenants tick. Coupled with our experience and market knowledge we recommend all investors consider the following as they prepare to turn their property into an investment.

At VARO, we treat your investment like a small business and recommend you do too. We understand that if your property portfolio is managed like a business it can make you money but if neglected or marketed incorrectly it can ultimately cost you money.

Before your property even hits the markets there may be some considerations to make as an investor like making any improvements to the property. If an investor is interested in doing any updates then it’s recommended that they be done to items that will increase your income. In our experience these include, fresh carpets, freshly painted walls, air-conditioning/heating and broadband connection. During this time we find that the prospective landlords become worried about the additional time the property may sit vacant while the improvements are taking place. However, in our experience we find that any losses in rent during this time may be recouped in a few weeks when you are able to offer the property for a higher rent amount.

In order to ensure VARO’s clients property will be leased quickly, we make certain to always be across all market conditions and factors. So armed with this knowledge we are able to create the best possible marketing plan for your property, and aim to capture a lifestyle and not just a single feature.

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What Property Improvements will Increase Your Rental Income