The Importance of Styling Your Home for Sale


Regardless of when you list your property for sale, one thing is guaranteed, there will be other properties on the market at the same time. For this reason, selling property is competitive business, and often the overall appeal of the property is what will win the sale. When a purchaser really loves the property, they may stretch themselves financially a little further to ensure they are successful.


Home owners and agents alike need to ensure that a property is irresistible to a buyer. This comes with some considered planning, an understanding of what buyers want in a property and realising what issues may become a distraction.


The first step is to carry out an objective assessment on the property and how it looks through a buyer’s eyes. A handy tip is to photograph the property yourself from the street and each room from various angles, then look at each image. Ask yourself, ‘what stands out to you?’, ‘are there obvious repairs and maintenance that is required?’, and ‘does this room feel spacious or cluttered?’. It would also be helpful to ask for th,e opinion of a friend or relative and the advice of your agent. Once this is done create a list of issues that need to be addressed and ways you can work through them.


The purpose of open homes is too not only showcase your home but to also allow buyers to envision themselves living in the property – and as the vendor you should want this to happen too! This emotional connection that is created is what results in a sale. This connection is much more difficult to occur when a purchaser sees all your personal effects. Therefore in order to establish these emotions in the buyer (and to help you get ready for your upcoming move) remove all excess clutter and personal effects. Your property should still feel like a home, but clear, clean and simple is the objective.


Buyers want a property that they aspire to live in. They want the ability to share with their family and friends the exciting news that they have bought a home (which is better than their current one.) No one wants the trouble or the hassle of buying and moving house for more of the same!


Get online and do some research. Have a look at other homes currently for sale in your local area, make sure to include brand new properties in your search. This way you’ll be able to see what’s currently on offer and what the trends are for styling your home.


It’s also important to know who your target market is – is it young couples, downsizers, established families? Narrowing this down allows to tailor the style of your home to these buyers and show them why your home is perfect for them.


A professional stylist who is knowledgeable and experience in real estate can provide all the above services and provide hire furniture to highlight your property and show it to its full potential. There expert advice and hire fees can be contracted for very reasonable prices and can remove all the stress from styling your home for sale.

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The Importance of Styling Your Home for Sale