How a Sunday Open can Benefit Your Sales Campaign

Real estate agents have officially overtaken lawyers and other highly skilled professionals when it comes to working long hours. According the 2016 census, over 20 per cent of people employed in the rental and real estate sector put in an estimated 49 hours of work per week.

But for some agents, the figures are even higher with mid-week and in particular Sunday open homes becoming much more popular. If you take a look at VARO’s open home schedules for any given weekend you’ll find a handful of listings offering a Sunday inspection time. With some agencies only introducing the practice recently, VARO has been opening homes since it was established in 2016.

With Saturday sport, traffic and more people working on weekends, it has become only logical for agents to provide a Sunday (or mid-week) open to potential purchasers and for agents it provides a point of difference from the competition.

Sales Director, Michael Cavallaro states, ‘It’s getting harder for everyone to attend a Saturday open, particularly due to other commitments such as kids sport or work. By only offering a Saturday open it really limiting our potential pool of buyers. I also receive great feedback when people come through, they are always so grateful.’

Our sales team have found it can also be a good tool to generate a faster sale.

“We have definitely closed sales a lot faster because buyers can come back through so quickly, they don’t have to wait until the following week to come back for a second inspection,” Michael says.

As agents we can spot a motivated buyer as they visit the property on a Saturday and then return on the Sunday for a second look, often accompanied with family and friends. Most people who are inspecting on a Sunday are coming for the second time and as agents, we see it as an additional service that we are providing the buyers which does pay off.

Despite Sunday attracting fewer attendees, those that do attend are ‘high-quality’ buyers. At VARO we have experienced a buyer who attended both days, and presented a signed, unconditional contract on the Monday morning.

Most of the time, vendors feel it’s a great idea and from their perspective, its easier to maintain the property from Saturday to Sunday. Overall, both the vendors and the purchasers appreciate the opportunity to open the property twice in the week.

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How a Sunday Open can Benefit Your Sales Campaign