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What to Look for in Your Developer

January 4, 2019

Adelaide Invest

We recommend that all Off The Plan purchasers undertake their own research on a projects developer as part of their own due-diligence. The first point of call is the developer’s website. From there you should be able to access information relating to both past and present projects, as well as business and contact details. From […]

The Importance of Styling Your Home for Sale

December 12, 2018

Adelaide Invest Lifestyle

  Regardless of when you list your property for sale, one thing is guaranteed, there will be other properties on the market at the same time. For this reason, selling property is competitive business, and often the overall appeal of the property is what will win the sale. When a purchaser really loves the property, […]

What Property Improvements will Increase Your Rental Income

November 19, 2018

Adelaide Invest

When it comes to marketing a rental property, it is important to be attracting good quality tenants and in order to do this you need to know how tenants tick. Coupled with our experience and market knowledge we recommend all investors consider the following as they prepare to turn their property into an investment. At […]

Ready to Buy your First Investment? Do You have Your Investor Profile?

October 27, 2018

Adelaide Invest

It’s become a little well known fact that as Australian’s we are not good at researching property particularly from an investment perspective – a quick look on realestate.com and a chat to the local agent and we feel confident to buy. This is a stark comparison to investing into managed funds, where after an assessment […]

Rent or Buy? The Pro's & Con's

October 4, 2018

Adelaide Invest Market Update

The decision to rent or buy a property is one of life’s major decisions. Not only does it impact on how much money you have left at the end of the month, but it also affects your lifestyle and your overall savings. People constantly buy homes because its important to them to ‘put down roots’ […]

Own an Investment Property and Want to Build Your Portfolio?

September 12, 2018

Adelaide Invest

Did you know that the potential equity that you have in your investment property can be used to buy another investment property? If you have enough equity in your current in investment property you may not even need to draw from your current income in order to purchase an additional investment property. Recently, we have […]

When to Re-Sale & How it Could be Advantageous

August 20, 2018

Adelaide Invest

Buying an off the plan property offers a long list of potential benefits to investors. One strategy adopted by some investors is to purchase a property off the plan and sell it on even before settlement occurs. This option is entirely legal and can have specific advantages, but it is important that you know the […]

Is it Wear and Tear or Damage?

July 28, 2018


A common frustration for many landlords is accidental damage which can occur at their investment properties. Whilst accidental damage is swiftly dealt with by your property manager on your behalf, normal wear and tear is a bit different. The reality is wear and tear on a rental property will occur over a period of time, […]

Investing in South Australian Property with VARO

July 5, 2018

Adelaide Invest Market Update

Currently in South Australia entering the real estate market has never been easier. Investing in property can be both an affordable and very lucrative way for the average individual to build their wealth and secure a steady stream of income for their future. With some simple tips, you too can begin your property investment journey. […]

Timing Your Off-The-Plan Settlement

June 12, 2018

Adelaide Invest Lifestyle

With off the plan, the timing of settlement is more relevant to an owner-occupier than an investor, as they’re obviously keen to move straight into the property. Ordinarily a notice of settlement will be issued approximately 2 weeks before settlement occurs which then allows you to move into the property. At VARO, we recommend that […]

Landlord Insurance - Is It Really Worth It?

May 20, 2018

Adelaide Invest

Many investors make the very costly mistake of assuming that building insurance is sufficient, however building insurance does not cover anything that the tenant does wrong – damaging your property or non payment of the rent. Most insurance companies offer landlords insurance as an add-on package to building insurance if the property will be an […]

6 Helpful Hacks to Mastering your Home Organisation

April 27, 2018

Adelaide Lifestyle

It’s like what they say; “Good organisation is completely invisible to the bystander, but mess, that’ll stare everyone straight in the face.” If things have a proper place or ‘home’ then they’re likely to be put away, easily found again and when needed will continue to be in a good condition. Here are VARO’s top […]

VARO Property Management; Sit Back, Relax & Let Your Investment Grow!

April 4, 2018

Adelaide Invest

At VARO we pride ourselves on the service we provide to clients as their Property Managers, below are 5 tasks that we take care for you so that you can sit back, relax and watch your investment grow. 1. Open For Inspections – As your property managers we will arrange, advertise and supervise all open […]

A Seller’s Guide to Open Home Etiquette

March 13, 2018

Adelaide Lifestyle

Preparing your home for open inspections goes hand in hand with trying to sell it. This is your prime opportunity to showcase the best aspects of your property, create some ‘buzz’ and attract potential buyers. It’s these ‘guests’ that you want to impress, so here are our tips to help you be the perfect open […]

A Buyer's Guide to Open Home Etiquette

February 15, 2018

Adelaide Lifestyle

Open homes have long been a tradition in the real estate world. Although you could probably think of better ways to spend your weekends, they’re absolutely necessary in the buying process, and are a great way for buyers to suss out the competition and investigate beyond the listing data. Before you go in, here are […]

How VARO Property overcame adversity to win Agency of the Year at REISA Awards

February 2, 2018

Adelaide Varo News

In late 2017, the prestigious Real Estate Institute of South Australia (REISA) Awards for Excellence were given, VARO Property earning a particularly impressive accolade. In its first 12 months of business, VARO Property won the medium-sized Agency of the Year award. This achievement driven in particular by Property Director, Loretta Cavallaro, and Sales Director, Michael […]

Winning a Rental Application

January 23, 2018

Adelaide Invest Market Update

Depending on location and your location, the rental market in Australia can be quite brutal to the average tenant.   If you consider that some rental inspections can attract upwards of 50 people, you can’t afford to be carless with any aspect of your application. Property managers are likely to shortlist those applicants who have […]

Ready for a Home Loan?

December 28, 2017

Adelaide Invest

Although you may not be ready to or able to buy a property right away, the below will give you a guide on how to increase your chances of having your home loan approved when the time is right.   As real estate agents with many contacts in the financial sector, we have a solid […]

Top Agents Profile - Michael Cavallaro

December 22, 2017

Adelaide Varo News

Attracting new business is the life blood for any business, in particular for real estate agents to ensure your agency stays profitable. Sometimes this might be hard to accomplish and ideas on how to jump start your business can be tough to come by. Luckily enough we have spoken to a number of the top […]

Lifting Your Auction Game

December 5, 2017

Adelaide Invest

Auctions are daunting for most people, especially for first time buyers. Even for those who aren’t fazed by a large crowd or public speaking can be crumble under auction conditions   At VARO, we believe in providing our potential auction purchasers with sound advice in preparation for auction day that will not only give you […]