George Theodoropoulos

Executive Assistant to Michael Cavallaro

A little about me

At the young age of 17 and just recently completing high school, George followed his love for property and obtained his Real Estate licence. He did experience some road blocks as he attempted to secure a position in the real estate industry but was frequently turned down because of his age.

After meeting George through a social setting, Michael saw the drive and determination that he had and offered him some work experience which quickly led to Michael offering George a position as his Executive Assistant. To this day, Loretta says that she knew he was going to be a superstar from the very first call she heard him deliver.

With the fast growth that VARO has experienced and Michael being a finalist for the REISA award, George adapted to his role quickly. His work ethic, disciplined nature and can do attitude was apparent from the start. George has passion for all aspects of property with genuine, strong desire to help all clients on their journey.

With strong ties to his local community through soccer, George has a range of connections and relationships that have allowed him to quickly excel within his role.

Striving to become a highly successful agent in the future, George is taking the opportunity as an Executive Assistant to absorb as much information and knowledge from Michael and the whole VARO team who are consistently motivating and supporting him to reach his full potential.

With his fresh and untarnished perspective, pride in his work, resilient nature and drive for success, George will not leave any stone unturned and will go above and beyond for all of Michael’s clients.


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